Our passion begins and ends with helping you realize the American dream of home ownership by saving you up to tens of thousands of dollars.

Buying a home used to be so much easier.  Today, most home buyers have a difficult time navigating the home buying process. Finding the right Real Estate agent, Mortgage Banker, and Closing Agent can be difficult and stressful, not to mention the concern of whether or not you are getting a good deal.  Our service will facilitate the entire process while saving you up to tens of thousands of dollars.  Let’s take a look at some examples below.

Examples of Potential Savings*

Preliminary Savings Analysis On A $250,000 Purchase

We have put together a side-by-side  comparison of the traditional approach to buying a home versus the Real Property Discount way.

Consultation Service includes the following benefits

  1. Pre-approval: Bona Fide Mortgage Banker pre-approval for maximum purchasing power.  This includes an in-depth evaluation of income, assets, and credit to help determine your ability to purchase and for how much you can afford. To begin this process we will provide you with a list of documents you will need. 
  2. Action Report: Detailed analysis of circumstances surrounding your inability to qualify at the current time along with possible remedies to get you on the fast track to owning a home.
  3. Discount Savings Advantage Report: Detailed analysis of how much you will save with our consultation.
  4. Real Estate Property Questionnaire: This will help you determine what is important to you when looking for a home.
  5. Real Estate Report: Qualified homes report provided so that you can begin searching for a home that fits your qualifying standards immediately.  You do not want to waste your time on homes that are outside of your ability to purchase.
  6. Home Valuation Report: We will provide you with a report that will show you an opinion of value from a qualified real estate professional and reviewed by a licensed appraiser.  This will allow you to make a more educated decision on the price of the home and what you are willing to pay for it.
  7. Milestone Calendar to help you simplify the process of knowing your deadlines.
  8. Fee reimbursement: You will be refunded the entire consultation fee if you decide to work with our group of trusted business partners and contacts.
*Please be aware that our company will provide a consultation at a fee, which will allow you to save a considerable amount of money throughout a real estate transaction.  It is not licensed to originate mortgages, take the place of a Real Estate Agent, or provide legal or other counsel in any way outside of this domain.  Our service will provide you with the necessary information and contacts you will need to purchase or sell a home at a discount.  This service does not guarantee that you will close on your transaction.  There are several factors outside of our control that can influence each step.  Our service will provide information to help you have the best opportunity to complete the process and save a considerable amount of money while doing so.